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System Reports

Issue/Action Management Solutions

Innovative, Easy to Use Software for Managing Issues, Problems, and Tasks in Any Organization.

System Reports

caWeb has many different charts and reports available to allow quick and easy review of all issues and/or actions in the system.The following screenshots represent a small cross section of the available presentation quality reports and graphs.

List Reports

The most simple reports are often the most important. Reviewing open, coming due, or overdue issues and/or actions assigned to a user is very useful in seeing which users have free time and which are swamped with problems and need additional assistance.


Summary Reports

Summary reports provide a printable version of the record detail page, allowing users to take the pertinent data onto the manufacturing floor or into a meeting to discuss or resolve issues or actions.

Pareto Reports

Most quality management operations spend 80% of their time and effort resolving the top 20% of their problems. Pareto reports help you see those top time consuming problems so you can invest the time in resolving their causes and improve efficiency.

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