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Benefits of caWeb :Issue Management Software

Harrington Group International’s caWeb Corrective Action Software is used to provide solutions and give organizations easy steps to identify any issue. The Issue Management Software then allows designation of the team members and execute tasks or actions to resolve these issues. The caWeb Issue Management Software would; deliver faster problem solving and ensure recurrence prevention, […]

Issue Management Software – Don’t Let Your Project be Snowballed

The snowball effect manages to take you unawares by starting initially with a small significant situation that may even go unnoticed, turning finally into a horrendous disaster, leaving the project stranded even. At first sight, it may seem impossible to happen. Most of the insignificant situations tend to go unnoticed or uncared for because they […]

Training Management Software – Why Every Manager Needs to Use One .

Choosing the right software can be intimidating, especially for a manager who has never dealt with management of employee training through merely a software. With that being said, before the implementation of this software to a company, considerations need to be made. Ultimately, depending on the circumstances of the company, management may or may not […]