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Internal Audit Management for Business Auditing

Despite the business type, organizations face evolving competition as time passes. Regardless of whether you are a huge venture or a little startup, checking and keeping up operational productivity has never been more significant than today. Internal audits and reviews have developed to turn into a fundamental segment of a business’ prosperity. The lack of foresight and execution of such internal audits can cause unexpected fatalities for your organization in the long run. Therefore, the usage of adverse techniques and software tools to ease internal auditing has been a dire need of the hour.

Why do you need to conduct an Internal Audit?

Internal audit is an autonomous action intended to precisely assess the viability of an association’s interior controls, hazard management, and administration strengths. It is regularly preemptive and plans to reveal any inconsistencies between operational cycles and their planned reason. Endless supply of the internal audit, a definite report is given to the executives, laying out the discoveries close by any suggestions.

Why use Audit Master as Internal Audit Management Software?

We, Harington Group International, offer Audit Master as the product answer for Internal Auditing necessity. Audit Master can perform Audit for Corrective Actions, Audit Management, Document Control, and Training Management. Our responsibility is to furnish clients with an answer intended for their requirements. Hence, we provide elite preparing and specialized help, all conveyed on schedule, on the financial plan, at a low starting speculation. Audits can turn out to be considerably more impressive by coupling it with Audit Master, which empowers clients to create, alter, and execute customized models to examine business and operational information.

Audit teams select the Audit Master-Internal Audit software solution from Harington because of its rich and complete functionality, user-friendliness, and powerful reporting capabilities. It supports each step in the audit cycle, from the audit universe’s maintenance to planning, preparation, work paper management, reporting, and finding and issue tracking.

Audit groups select the Audit Master-Internal Audit programming arrangement from Harington due to its rich and complete usefulness, ease of use, and ground-breaking detailing abilities. It contributes to each progression in the review cycle, arranging, planning, task execution, finding, drafting, and issuing the following items.

  • Develop, perform, and maintain risk assessments to work out the audit universe, audit coverage, progress report, and risk standing.
  • Automatically produce multi-year audit plans, supported audit ratings, risk rating, and/or circular audit frequency
  • Govern annual audit plans at a Governor control level
  • Create and manage online or offline audit official document with sturdy advancement capabilities
  • Grant access to audits by managing configuration needs
  • Configurable news on audit results, together with findings and management recommendations
  • Configurable workflows to review and monitor findings and suggestions
  • What are the tools integrated into the Audit Master Software?
  • Identify Areas for Improvement
  • Streamline Audit scheduling
  • Correct Problematic areas
  • Document Corrective Actions
  • Highlight Problematic Areas
  • Create Historical Data
  • Support Management Review

What are the benefits of using Audit Master?

Audit Master gives you the tools needed to detail an internal audit’s scope, establish auditing frequency, & conduct audits following ISO and other industry standards.

Audit List – Representing the future, finished, as well as late Audits. Rapidly find reviews to enter review information or check a review’s status.

Audit Record Detail – This information structure incorporates fields to portray the audit and distinguish the reviewer and audit status.

Audit Item List – The audit Item List is prepared in the form of a checklist, which can be used to categorize each item as passed or failed. Each listing has a separate section to include notes and descriptions for success or failure.

Advanced Reports – Customized templates are readily available for printing the reports in your desired format.

Sorting and filtering – This option provides you with the ability to view, sort, and list a selected set of records among hundreds of previous audit reports. This feature is supported by powerful filtering capabilities set in the HAS software environment.

User Work-groups – You can create user workgroups to form virtual groups and handle house team sharing of information. This helps to categorize and standardize accessibility for each user within workgroups to control access.

Harrington Group International precisely focuses on meeting the customer requirements at our best. We compete with the trending market and the technological advancements to uphold our brand and benefit our product users. Hence, we offer a variety of a range in software products, particularly for quality audits and managerial purposes. We guarantee satisfaction and ease of usage for Internal Audit requirements using Harrington Audit Master Software. Our customers have confirmed us to be the best software solution provider for audit requirements in 2021.