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Benefits of caWeb :Issue Management Software

Harrington Group International’s caWeb Corrective Action Software is used to provide solutions and give organizations easy steps to identify any issue. The Issue Management Software then allows designation of the team members and execute tasks or actions to resolve these issues. The caWeb Issue Management Software would; deliver faster problem solving and ensure recurrence prevention, improve collaboration between team members, eliminate unnecessary meetings, hold employees accountable, and prevent major disasters before they could occur.

Benefits of caWeb :Issue Management Software
Problem Solving

When an organization is trying to run, it is often found that they are faced with several problems regarding software or their system. When issues arise that requires immediate attention and action, the first step users often find themselves performing is sending emails to report issues or request information. But how many users see themselves sending emails for information and receiving no responses or actions. If email is used to manage tasks or assignments, it can already be determined that this method would not work effectively, does not track the immediate action, and neither does it hold employees accountable.

Our caWeb Issue Management Software provides Easy Automated Steps for the resolution of problems which include:
• For the problem, it is essential to:

  • Identify the problem.
  • Contain the problem.
  • Assignment the problem.
    • For the action to be taken, it is essential to:
  • Find the source of the problem.
  • Find the root cause of the problem.
  • Take the necessary action.
    • For resolving the issue, it is essential to:
  • Implement solution.
  • Document resolution.
  • Close.

Many organizations can find themselves benefitting by utilizing our caWeb Software services which allow users to:

  • Fix issues systematically.
    Maintaining documentation of activities that are required to contain, isolate, and correct problems or deficiencies. It complies with the standards including the latest ISO 9001:2015 guidelines.
  • Analyze the reason for a problem.
    Analyze the root cause and solution to each and every type of problem. By using built-in reports and graphs, users can find the fewer problems that cause the most damage.
  • Add attachments to action step.
    Include and attach any other information regarding the issue
  • Outlook Integration.
    Through outlook integration, the visibility of actions can be raised for users by turning them into tasks or appointments inside outlook. Originators are reminded with tasks so they can follow-up with responsible parties before records become overdue.
  • Detailed reports on each issue.
    Problem list reports.
    Aging List Reports.
    Pareto Report.
    Trend Report.
    Summary Report.
    Detail Report.
  • Decrease cost and increase team productivity and efficiency.
    Streamlining processes for identification of critical activities, tracking problem resolution, enhancing communications, and making employees accountable.
  • Participation 24/7/365 anywhere.
    Action can be taken at any time, anywhere.

    The features of this system include:
  • Web Based Multi-User Applications.
  • Outlook Integration.
  • Electronic Signatures.
  • Automatic Email Notifications.
  • Access 24/7/365 anywhere.
  • Robust Security Instant Reporting.
  • Trend & History Analysis.
  • Fast Specific Searching.
  • Collaboration at all levels.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Compliant Internal or Hosted Access.

The reports to be generated for each issue where the built-in reports consist of corrective Action, a problem list, problem Aging, Problem Pareto, Problem Trend, A problem summary, CA Request, Problem Detail, Planning Chart, whereas, our Task Reports include an Action List, Action Aging, Action Pareto Action Trend, Action detail. Planning Chart, and lastly the user reports include User Detail and a User List.

By using caWeb software, organizations can earn multiple advantages to smooth management by delivering faster problem resolutions and recurrence prevention, the collaboration between team members can be improved, Unnecessary meetings can be avoided, employees can be held accountable, and Major disasters can be prevented.