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The 5 vital steps to efficient document control.

In a company that is constantly busy where unstructured information is found at all ends, quality data is vital. If the quality of data is low due to employees, duplication, or manual errors, it would be a colossal waste of time to work out which information and files are trustworthy and which aren’t.

That’s where document control and management step in. Document control aims to simplify the process of document management through simple steps. The procedures involved in document control set a framework to how documents are approved, amended, and displays how changes can be tracked and monitored for future reference.

The following information describes the document control procedures in detail and includes:

1. Creating documents.

“Who” is allowed to create a document and “how,” is determined initially by the document control procedure. This may include primary details about the document.

2. Document review and approval.

This part of the document control procedure involves who the document should be approved by and how approvals and modifications are taken into account and recorded.

3. Revision of documents.

Document revision is an integral part of the process. Some documents may require changes in the future even after the documents are finalized and approved. Revision of documents spells out who can initiate request revisions and who is able to implement them.

4. Publishing documents.

Once a document is finalized and approved, the document control process then defines a set of parameters about where and by whom the documents are published and who is authorized to access it. When publishing a document, security restrictions are also enforced to maintain data integrity.

5. Obsoleting documents.

This part of document control can be considered as optional since it involves the removal of a document from their ability.

Document management through document control can be challenging to perform manually. That’s why Harrington Group International devised a method to simplify these processes with minimal errors through HGI document control software. In addition to one of the best document control system software in the market, HGI also issues a variety of other business software solutions to ensure optimal organizational efficiency.

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