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Quality Management Software – The Four Elements.

Quality Management can be described as a set of disciplinary procedures that are applied to ensure that that project and procedure outputs meet the required needs of the organization. The general requirements of quality can be expressed in measurable terms and, in parallel, have acceptance criteria for a company project. A quality management plan and quality management software should be defined in the initial stages of a project lifecycle. However, it would be developed further once more quality requirements and issues are determined.

In a company, there are four main components of quality:

• Quality planning.

In this procedure, the company determines the standards of quality that would be necessary to provide guidance on how quality management would be performed on a project. This would include:

– The stakeholder expectations.
– The success criteria.
– The applicable standards for the project.
– The roles and responsibilities for quality output.
– The procedures involved.
– How continuous improvements can be made.

• Quality assurance.

A vital tool in quality assurance is quality reviews. However, it could also be used for quality control. Quality assurance would be able to cover the entire project life-cycle and not concentrate on a particular phase.

• Quality control.

This step involves inspection, testing, and quality measurement – which would verify the project delivery according to specifications to fit expectations.

• Quality improvement.

When quality management is conducted, there are always opportunities for continuous improvement. In management processes, during the lifecycle of a project, there would also be opportunities to assist in the management of future projects.

Managing quality in an organization can be difficult when considering all the steps it involves. That’s why Harrington Group International has devised a method to simplify these procedures through QMS software. With the use of Quality management system software, companies can improve their overall organizational performance, employee satisfaction, and production of output.

If your company is looking for quality management system software along with other business software solutions, contact HGI now for more information.